Linens act as a canvas for your tables… offering a blank surface to add each layer upon layer adding detail and texture. The first brush stoke is your color selection of a base linen… a bold splash of color in which to build upon… draping over your table flowing to the floor. With a firm grasp of your brush… an overlay refines your color and visually enhances the senses as the changing light reveals subtle nuances of texture. Place settings offer another layer to express your individual style. Pick up your brush… this time with a gentle stroke… a napkin crowns the setting… waking up the vibrance of the base color. As you continue to reveal your savoir-faire… the final brush stroke emerges… a chair cover exalts the tablescape and eagerly awaits the floral centerpiece.

Now the addition of fabric draping, as a canvas for the entire room, any space is transformed into a new reality. Which introduces soft, elegant, and romantic notes.